Dr. Jerald Winakur



Meditations on Geriatric Medicine:  Dr. Winakur’s columns in Caring for the Ages: Meditations on Geriatric Medicine
Katie O’Brien:   BEZ Squabbling siblings can complicate late-life care for mom and dad
Health Affairs: Dr. Winakur’s Writings in Health Affairs
Health Affairs:  Blog
The Center for Medical Humanities and Ethics, UT Health San Antonio
Connective Tissue Journal of Arts and Literature from The CMH&E
UTSA Creative Writing Series
Fact vs Fiction in Advance Care Planning:  Part two Health Reform End of LIfe Presentation CSPAN
Amazon.com:  Readers’ Reviews of “Memory Lessons: A Doctor’s Story”
Health Affairs:   “What Are We Going To Do With Dad?”
The Diane Rehm Show:  Diane Rehm interviews Dr. Winakur on NPR.
Fresh Air with Terry Gross:  An NPR interview with Dr. Winakur.
Health Affairs:  “Dad`s Legacy”
Lee M. Robinson, JD:   A link to Dr. Winakur’s wife, the lawyer-poet, Lee Robinson, author of “Creed” the title poem in “Memory Lessons”
Gemini Ink:   Dr. Winakur is past president of San Antonio’s own non-profit organization promoting literacy and the literary arts.

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